Catering on short notice? How about a complete tri tip and chicken dinner for 1000 people prepared and on the road with 4 hour’s notice? Or a phone call at midnight to order a complete breakfast to serve 500 at 6 AM that morning. DJ's California Catering has served first responders for the Ventura County Fire Department, US Forest Service, Sheriff’s Department, Southern California Edison, and the American Red Cross whenever the need has arisen. 

From feeding the recovery crews of the Alaska Airlines Disaster in January, 2000 to the rescue personnel at the La Conchita landslide in 2005 to the firefighters and support personnel fighting the countless brush fires throughout the years, DJ's has met the challenge with pride and determination.


Emergency Breakfast

Menu Includes:
Scrambled Eggs, Potatoes, Sausage, Hot and Cold Cereals, Fresh Fruit, Breakfast Breads and Pastries, Juice, Coffee, Tea, and Milk.

Emergency Sack Lunch 

Menu Includes:
Two Freshly Made Sandwiches, Fresh Fruit, Chips, Cookies, Candy Bar, Mint, 100% Juice Boxes, and Condiments

Emergency Dinner

Menu Includes:
Grilled Tri Tip, Roasted Chicken, and Vegetarian Pasta, Garden Salad, Potatoes or Rice, Steamed Vegetables, Rolls with Butter, Chocolate Cake, Coffee, Milk, and Water.



Of course many emergencies have a more personal importance.  We’re glad to assist you in planning a memorial service, last minute business meeting, or any event where time is limited.